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In April of 2000, my husband Steve, daughter Hadley, and I moved to Rochester. (Our son Bradley joined us a year and a half later. And daughter Emma five years after that.) We quickly found Rochester to be a safe, family-friendly large city with a small town feel.
We also found it to be full of families just like ours. Families from across the U.S. and abroad. Families with children young and old and in-between. Families who were new to the area or had lived here all their lives. And we were all trying to find a babysitter for Saturday night, research preschools and K-12s, come up with fun family activities, and sign the kids up for t-ball, soccer, or music lessons.

After more than 10 years in Rochester, our family has developed a great network that includes good friends, well-loved community activities (we especially enjoy Honkers baseball games, Rochesterfest food booths, and PAIIR’s Transportation Fair) and fun social outlets. During this time I have become quite in-tune with what’s going on in the city: the various resources that are available to families and how and where to access them. was started in March of 2004. My hope is to provide a website that serves as a great resource to Rochester families – both those that are new to the area and those that have lived here all their lives. A website where you can find a place to hold your child’s next birthday party, a patch to pick your own Halloween pumpkin, a swim class to take with your toddler, and a list of fun things to do this weekend or next summer. A place where you can connect to other families and further develop a feeling of community and a sense of belonging.

Thanks to the staff at Olive Juice Studios for taking this super cute picture of our kiddos. And thank you for visiting, a website for families who live in and around Rochester, Minnesota. To contact email us at rcaljson@rochestrfaml.'s Family Of Sponsors






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